Davin Wallace

“Experiencing The Goodness of God” by, Davin L. Wallace

First I would like to point out a few things that I ask you to keep in mind as I give you my testimony & praise report while also honoring, praising & glorifying God. First Im serving time under the new law “no parole” law, so I nor my family never have had dealings, a relationship, nor communication with the parole board. To my knowledge & with all due respect the Department of the Parole Board have a job to do that don’t include me. Second, about a month ago a correctional officer & sister in Christ prophecised over me declaring I was about to go home soon & that I was going to receive some mail that was going to come God speed & that I would know it was from God. Third thing to keep in mind is that, some months ago I was debating with myself about should I file for a pardon or file a Habeas petition & if I file both was I showing a lack of faith in God by having a backup. Holy Spirit responded to me quick insuring me that its faith in God by planting many seeds and believing that God can & will raise up every seed for His purpose. I didn’t persue the pardon only because the cost of having a lawyer or organization file one on my behalf would cost my family more thousands of dollars & at the moment I felt that could wait.
Not even a month ago my family got a call from a women that stated she was from the Department of the Parole Board & she was interested in my case/petition which was posted on the internet. When my family told me this I told them to tell the parole woman that I wasn’t under the parole law & my family stated that the woman already knew that, so in faith that God was going to do something through this I told my family to ask the woman what did she need, but my family was way ahead of me. About a week later after receiving the necessary info/paper work, the women contacted my family to let them know that her supervisor approved for her to move forward. About a week later on Thursday 12th my family told me that the women from the department of the parole board had called today & said she was going to complete everything & move forward today. Friday the 13th, After getting to work I seen a sister in Christ (not the one who gave the prophecy). After greeting her I instantly felt lead by the Holy Spirit to minister to her about the power of love & forgiveness. We really went in & the fellowship got deep & emotional. The Holy Spirit led me to share this same message with another sister, while doing so I was able to also share with a young man that the power of love & forgiveness was truly a thing & that a lot of blessings we desire only come through our forward movement in these principles & commandments. The young man shared that the message had to be from God because it was at a time he needed it, the sister assured us it was truly for her too. After work I went back to my building & soon as I seen my cell partner I knew that as the Holy Spirit was ministering thru me He was also ministering to me & I had missed that until the very moment I saw him. Without hesitation I ask my celly for a moment of his time & after he sat to listen I expressed my desire for us both to live comfortably, peacefully & joyful in the cell & in life period. I let him know who I was far as being a man who seek to walk in the likeness of Christ & then the Holy Spirit led me to let him know I love him & that I had no problem saying it despite where we at. Sure enough he received my message & went in about how he had no problem & his appreciation of the times we prayed together. After he finished it felt like something was lifted off me. About 20 minutes later the booth officer called me to the booth for legal mail. She gave me a letter pertaining to my Habeas petition, letting me know I didn’t have to pay to file it & that the attorney general had 45 days to respond to my petition. When I was about to leave the window she called me and said I had more mail. When I read the second letter I just thanked God. It was from the Secretary of the Commonwealth stating that a petition for a executive clemency (pardon) was filed on my behalf. On Friday the 13th I got papers pertaining to the two things I once prayed to God about far as which one should I do & was it a lack of faith if I persued both. All this seem to take place the day I ministered about & walked in the foundation/power of love & forgiveness. Its joyful that God did this thru the Parole Board which was done of none of my own nor my family’s effort nor natural resources. It’s a rhetorical question but everyday I ask my self, why did a person or persons from the department of the parole board file a petition for my freedom on my behalf. And this is not a question of disbelief because I know the answer & the source behind it all. But it is a reminder of my God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). The question actually gives me joy & another reason & opportunity to praise God every time I answer my own question. Lately I get often tearfully joyful. Not actually because what the women from the parole board has done although I’m forever thankful for & to her regardless of what God sees fit next, but because of knowing I’m in a divine intimate relationship w/God which gives me confident that I’m great in every aspect of my life regardless of what’s things look like or what happens in my future. Everything works together for my good, for I truly love the Lord. Personally, I’m already free & it’s my desire to set others free.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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