Rasheem Matthews

Introduction by Rasheem Matthews

age-48 release date 2020.my real name is cedrick Payne I’m from Inglewood California. I was wrongfully convicted of a murder I absolutely did not commit under the alias name rasheem Matthews.
Title senseless killings in all our communities and all lives matter.rasheem Matthews #223-185 Ohio.
My blog is about gang violence senseless killings in all communities and school shootings. I was a original gang member from Inglewood California. I have served juvenile life for killing a rival gang member.upon my release in 1987.the crack era was in full motion.I got involved and went to Cleveland Ohio selling drugs the authorities couldn’t catch me selling drugs and wanted me off the streets by any means necessary and rail roaded me on a murder I absolutely did not commit.it wasn’t technology or social media back than enabling one to get his or her story out.I admit I lived the gangster life style I recently wrote my autobiography my life story raw and uncut and I’m looking for someone in that outside world willing to help me get my story out which can save lives and make those in gangs or wanta be in gangs.realize from what I have to share would make them think twice and understand the values of life and consequences. at the end of my book I wake everyone up in so many ways common sense to stop people in general to stop the senseless killings. I was once part of this cycle. anyone with a lab top and desire to make a difference in stopping sense killings take the time go to my insta gram sigieloko underscore lajay read the plain dealer news article on me and Google sigieloke lajay and listen specifically to part 4 of my radio broadcast and positive message to the gangs and senseless killings. thank you for your precious time and let me know you heard my voice by downloading the app WWW.jpay .com and directly emailing me .

Rasheem Matthews
DOC #223-185

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