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My name is Jeremy Michael summers, I’m 28 years old and I’m. from Conneaut, Ohio. I have been incarcerated since 5/26/09 for the following charges: 1-count of Aggravated murder, 1-count of Murder, 1-count of Involuntary manslaughter, 1-count of Aggravated robbery, and 1-count of Complicity to aggravated robbery. My parole date is: 3/14/2035. I was found guilty of all these charges by a jury of my peers. I still maintain my innocence to this day. I like to skateboard, bmx, read all sorts of books especially. religious ones, I listen to a variety like rap, metal, rock, r&b, to just name a few categories. I like all versions of art especially tattoo work. I love to watch and play sports. I’m a die hard New York Jets fan, a Carolina Hurricane fan, a Miami, Florida college fan, Joey Logan Nascar fan, a Toronto Raptors fan, and a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. I’m semi-religious, I have been a Muslim for the past 6 years but I’ve read, and studied various religions such as: Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Asatru, Catholicism, Taoism, Confucianism, to just name a few. I hope that my blogs.will enlighten some if not all who will read them.


Jeremy M. Summers #602-458
S.o.c.f. 45699
Lucasville, Ohio, 45699.


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  1. It’s great you can have your voice be heard. Faith is the one way to get through this journey–but I truly believe Jesus is the only One who can help you. He Himself was born a Jew–one of the most despised groups on earth. Falsely accused by the establishment, unjustly imprisoned and beaten within an inch of His life and murdered by those He came to help–all out of love for us. He’s not religious–He’s seeking relationships of those tired of trying to make life work on their own. Think about it, my friend.

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