Davin Wallace

FORGIVENESS By Davin Wallace

Since I’ve truly accepted the truth that Christ died for me so that I can have salvation, I’ve realized that Christ act of forgiveness is an example of God’s desire for us to follow. From living a life of sexual morality & other sins to a criminal life, its much that I have brung before God to be forgiven for. But early in my walk as a follower of Christ my understanding of forgiveness was less than sufficient as I only seeked forgiveness but wasn’t seeking to give it. Glory be to God that God’s grace, mercy & love isn’t given to us because of our good acts or moral standards. Even when I was stuck in my b.s. concerning unforgiveness, my heavenly Father still was living to His Word in forgiving me. I don’t believe forgiveness means to be excused & I believe all wrong has to be dealt with, fortunately Christ has already dealt with all our sin whom believe in & receive Him as Lord & Saviour. I have had to rely on the Holy Spirit to bring me to forgiving not just a chosen few but to forgiving all who I believed trespassed against me in some way. My lawyer Raul Nova who represented me on my drug charges on which I received 34 years seemed like my worst enemy every time I read a letter or documents concerning my case. And when he didnt file proper documents for my appeal that led to my appeal being dismissed & then not even telling me about the dismal in the properly timely fashion which led to me being time barred, then I find out that he got disbarred for fraud, negligence & drug use when he was supposedly been working on my case made me believe he sold me out to save his self. After all that I felt like I had a legitimate reason to hate him. Then one day sitting in my cell after some years since the last time I seen him, the Spirit of God moved me to ask for forgiveness for all I had done, but I also received from God that I had to forgive Mr. Nova & everybody else I believed done me wrong in order to receive the forgiveness that God had already given me. Since that day I’ve truly forgiven Mr. Nova & love him & have tried to reach out to him. If somebody reading this knows Mr Raul Nova, I asked that u please relate my forgiveness & love to him & that I pray that him & his family be blessed. I’m tripping right now because I remember when I met him, for some reason I asked him did he believe in God & he replied, in his line of work its hard to believe in God. I took his answer & rolled with it. I wasn’t believing in God so I don’t know why I even asked. Out of everything, I remeber that from 2006. Now I believe God planned everything to take the course it did for a greater purpose. Forgiveness is part of it. Recently I have experienced the “power of forgiveness & love” which opened a door to my life for God to do a supernatural thing on my behalf. Stay tune I’ll be sharing it all with you soon. The God sent angel who works with the Virginia Parole Board who put significant work in on my behalf, I sincerely Thank You & Pray you & your family will always be blessed. Also, Shot out to my pops, just found out today he made parole after like 28 years.
God has restored u now live free in every aspect. I love u & God bless u! In the name of Jesus I’ll be there soon!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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