Rodney Fenner

King In Captivity: By Rodney Fenner

-Captivity has attempted to vividly execute the plan to maliciously shear the sheer fabric of my mental imagery.
-From a distance, I lividly observe the nerve of the universe, to serve me life from the hearth of the absurd.
-On an endeavor to use its elements to weather the better part of my mind until its leveled forever.
-Every time, I recognize the disguise of lies floating on the high tide of my potential demise.
-So I call my phrenic opponent by name, fix him in my aim and maim the one to blame for some of us going insane.
-My hands steepled, feeling alone in a room full of people where none can equal the ether that oozes from my lethal cerebral.
-I wage war every day in my mind, against a system designed to be malign to said mind and all others of its kind.
-I’m a warrior, on the field of a battle concealed from the minds not distilled by the truth of what’s real.
-Survival is key, where the physical breeds psychological disease and impedes the progression of a King.
-Making me kill, mentally, any enemy who creates any energy that criminally challenges my indemnity.
-Perpetually engaging this activity without passivity, is the weight of the crown of a king in captivity.

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377


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