Charles Allen


Hello my name is charles allen i am currently locked up at mansfield correction institution
i am 47 yrs old i started this time march of 2003 my release date is aug of 2026 i am 15 1\2 years into my sentence for robbery i know that is a lot of time i know people down here for murder doing less time then me but i try not to complain so much i made my bed now i must lay in it when my father was alive and i would call and complain to him he would say charlie relax you worked real hard to get to where your at so enjoy yourself. at first things wasnt to bad that is until i lost my entire family my grandparents passed in 2004 my father in 2009 my mother in 2010 my brother who was only 2 yrs older then me in 2013 after that the darkness heartaches and lonilness begin to devour me i use to tell my self i cant wait to go home now the sad part is i dont know where that is any more am i sorry and remorsful for what i did 1000x yes i wrote the vitcim begging for forgiveness 9 yrs straight until she finally replied during the crime i felt so shitty i did all i could to comfort her. all i know is that was not me and i will make amends for my wrongs. SINCERELY

DOC #461-704


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