Lavarr Angelen

Introducing Lavarr Angelen

my full name is lavarr anglen # 533943. I been locked up for 12 years on a 18 year bid ,I’m 31years old with no kids,no drama ,I’m well built ,well educated. ,got a great head on my shoulder as to what my future should an could be in the years to come ,as for writing its crazy cause I am a inspired writer I recently finished writing a hood novel that I was tryna get published call ”,guerilla warfare”its about a young black boy coming up in the streets of Cleveland that got tied into some real money and dangerous people an he wants out ,now that his life has over come what an where he came from an turned him into the person he wonted to really be with his family that wants him out out of the business…. its more to it… one day I might blogg a chapter or two .but until then its # freevarruntilitssaidbackwards……

Lavarr Angelen
DOC #533943


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