Davin Wallace

“Power of Love & Forgiveness” by Davin L. Wallace

Let’s be clear, we can’t feed the flesh & feed the spirit at the same time. If we feed the flesh then we starve the spirit & if we’re starving the spirit then we’re not operating in the anointing which leaves us not operating in the supernatural & not seeing supernatural activity & results in our lives. But when we feed the spirit we starve the flesh then the things we desire manifest in our lives supernaturally. We can feed our spirit in many ways such as reading & meditating on the Word of God, fasting, praying, dwellin in the secret place etc, but the main empowering of our spirit & lives is love. God didn’t make loving the 2 greatest commands for nothing. Love is the foundation to all of who God is & what He do, He is love & love is Him. A lot of Christians make the walk w/Christ so complicated & stressful. Christ was sent out of love to give love & forgiveness for all, whom don’t deserve it. And this is the likeness of Christ that God desire to transform us to. The power of love & the power of forgiveness is really a thing & when we don’t walk in the 2 we miss out on what God has already given to us, the things we been praying for. Love is the key to every door & gift God has set before. This is the walk God desires to see. So I plead with all, if you truly desire to walk with Christ, receive from God & to feed your spirit, then please desperately go & love all even & specifically those who has taken an enemy role against you. Truly their not your enemy but the spirit that has latched on to them is your enemy & on behalf of that person we shall ask God to forgive them for they know not what they do further more we should go before God on that person behalf out of love so that person shall be delivered from the real enemy’s bondage. When we heal others we’re truly healed, when we free others we’re truly freed. When we love & forgive others then power of God’s love & forgiveness is manifested in great heights & depths even this natural realm. If it seem that my last few blogs have been repeating the same theme it’s because this what God has placed in my heart & spirit to minister & to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit in this season.

Davin L. Wallace
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  1. This is so true. May you be encouraged daily and may the Hand of God be revealed in the plan of your life. May you also be blessed with God’s favor, grace and mercy as God keeps you hidden in Him, and also covered in His Blood.


    • You have a lot of good points. I have some suggestions that might make it easier for people to incorporate your ideas and improve their lives.

      Break up that big paragraph into smaller bites. Pick one idea and talk about that, then new paragraph and 2nd idea etc. I would think that your first idea is about feeding the spirit. Then the 2nd idea would be the importance of the Love message. You see? Very good points!!!

      To illustrate your ideas, add a story. Is there a story you could tell that shows how you have fed your spirit? “I was feeling very low because I’d alienated all my friends. I went to confession and I couldn’t force myself into the chapel; I just stood outside–feeling unworthy. The youth minister came up behind me and asked me if I was all right, and my eyes started watering and I couldn’t look at him. He then invited me to sit in the back pew with him and just pray with him. I nodded and sat down. After about 5 minutes, he pulled out the bulletin and pointed out the gospel message for the day, and we prayed together over that message. Suddenly, I felt a great weight lifted from my shoulders. My spirit was fed and I was led to go to my friends and apologize. Needless to say, they were surprised and frankly suspicious. But I kept re-reading that passage, and they could see a change in me. Slowly but surely, my friends forgave me and I learned how to feed my spirit.” The story sells the message. Make a point, tell a story. Who ever reads your work will now remember your story and internalize the message.

      Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next blog entry!


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