George Brown

Introducing George Brown

My name is George Brown I’m 35 years old I’m from Cleveland Ohio and I’ve been locked since I was 17 I was sentence to 18 to life I just went to the parole board in May and received 8 more years.As far as what type of person I am I feel like I’m a good person all around just made some bad decisions in life that landed me in here.For people that want to contact me,George Brown#389-557 I’m in Mansfield correctional inst.

George Brown
DOC #389-557

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  1. Write something! You have a good command of the language.

    Sometimes our bad decisions are based on incomplete information and a lack of vision in the long term. What seems like a good idea at the time may have longer consequences than we can guess.

    What would you say you based your bad decisions on? What other options did you have? What could you learn from these decisions (besides don’t do THAT again…)? Have you taken any classes? What kind of books do you read? What activities do you involve yourself in? What kind of people do you like to be around? Write about that! I’d be anxious to read what you have to say.


  2. May you be encouraged daily and may the Hand of God be revealed in the plan of your life. May you also be blessed with God’s favor, grace and mercy as God keeps you hidden in Him, and also covered in His Blood. May no weapon that is formed against you ever be able to prosper. May every assignment of the enemy that is sent to destroy your life be canceled, reversed and sent back to the sender where you will not feel the effects of any of it in any shape, form or fashion. Be blessed and keep trusting God. Always remember that when you take the time to see God in everything, you will not miss God in anything. Also, keep in mind that even when you cannot trace God, you still must trust God because God is always behind the scenes working on your behalf. No matter what you may face, always keep your head up because God is always above you; God is never below you nor is He beneath you.


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