Christopher Grose

Introducing Christopher Grose

hey how are u?my name is christopher grose.i’m currently in prison at lebanon corr. inst. in ohio.i have been in prison a little over 9 years.i am 39 years old.i like to read,work out,listen to music and watch a little t.v.

i heard blogging would be a great way to communicate and provide an outlet for my thoughts and feelings,so i figured i would try it out.prison isnt really a place where good conversation is readily availible.mostly a bunch of nonsense going on in here,not everybody,but most.

i’m in prison for agg.roberry.i have about 5 years left if i do all my time,but my lawyer is trying for an early we will see.

i am open minded,caring and understanding.i am strong but not arrogant.considerate but not a pushover.optimistic but a realist.

i have really tried to use my time to educate myself and correct a lot of my flaws and wrong thinking and habits that lead to me coming in here.i’m a recovering alcoholic and have been sober over 9 thats some of my story.thanks for checking out my blog.

Christopher Grose
DOC #A617-404


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  1. Hey Chris, you probably don’t remember me but it’s Nae’s son, Devon. We all miss you and can’t wait til you’re out. I do like that you are bettering yourself as a person though. Keep it up💯


  2. Soooo…write something.

    9 years sober! Congratulations! I bet that was quite a journey.

    You might want to check out to see if there’s a Toastmasters club available. You could pick up some good skills in there–speaking, leadership, writing. You get some self determination as a member of the club and get to converse with people on a deeper level. Most of the activities you mentioned don’t require you to be social and social skills require practice to maintain.

    I look forward to more of your posts.


  3. I appreciate your attempt to better yourself. We all make mistakes. Some are harsher than others, and frankly, not everyone gets caught. But the beauty is God forgives us for all of what we’ve done–it’s why Jesus died in our place. I realize you may not want to hear about “religion”–this isn’t that at all. It’s about a relationship with a God who truly loves you and sees you. And forgives completely. That was a turning point for me–when I recognized I could be fully forgiven, completely loved, as I am. Something to think about.


  4. May you be encouraged daily and may the Hand of God be revealed in the plan of your life. May you also be blessed with God’s favor, grace and mercy as God keeps you hidden in Him, and also covered in His Blood. May no weapon that is formed against you ever be able to prosper. May every assignment of the enemy that is sent to destroy your life be canceled, reversed and sent back to the sender where you will not feel the effects of any of it in any shape, form or fashion. Be blessed and keep trusting God. Always remember that when you take the time to see God in everything, you will not miss God in anything. Also, keep in mind that even when you cannot trace God, you still must trust God because God is always behind the scenes working on your behalf. No matter what you may face, always keep your head up because God is always above you; God is never below you nor is He beneath you.


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