Christopher Grose

“I MISS………” by christopher grose

i miss life,real life,a free life in a world away from here with so much more hope and and opportunity.a life on the other side of this razor wire and fences where things aren’t so senseless.

i miss all the years missed of my children growing that i cant give them back the time they missed with their unfair of the years i cant give them back.

i miss the reality of forming my own that is in my hands and not the hands of a guard or judge.or the coldness of a cell of concrete and steel.the trap of whats real and whats fake ,always aware of what is at stake.from this loneliness where there is never a break.where there is no giving and all seem to take.

i miss the enjoyment of a good meal.the simplicity yet grand pleasure of enjoying a great home cooked meal.a good t-bone steak,some home fries,shells and cheese and some layered buttered bicuits.seems like its been so long but then i remember the guys who will never see home again.prison is their future and their end,so i count my blessings and quietly mourn for them.i will give it my best shot when i get out,failure is not an option.

i miss the lost opportunities,the things i could’ve done,the woulda,shoulda,coulda’s that haunt me each day weigh me down.but i fight each moment to pull myself back up by the hopes of a great,free future.

i miss the touch of a woman,the softness of her skin,the sweetness of her kiss,the closeness i so miss.the heat of her body,the sound of her words.the passion of making love and the ever heartfelt hug.even feeling the deepness of being in love.a companion a friend a partner a lover.just being us two who deeply care for each other.

i miss life……….see u soon and i will get it right this heartache not in vain.the lessons learned from the bridges burned.the shed tears for all the lost years.i stand still and tall waiting for these concrete walls come time to fall.i will never miss this but i will always remember.”

Christopher Grose


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  1. I love the way you have organized your thoughts! You use such descriptive language!

    Remember the feeling of freedom, remember the feeling of hopelessness and loneliness. Use these memories to build up your life on the outside. Continue to write what you feel, what you experience, your perceptions and your insights. How can you use what you’ve learned by having things that most people take for granted taken away from you? Will you now really appreciate the smell of fresh laundry, the breeze on your face, the hugs of your kids, the joy of determining your future? I’ve no doubt that you will!

    Keep writing! Look for an opportunity to join a book club or a speaking club. Get your ideas out there!


  2. Remembering is your best gift. Forgetting is a mistake. If we don’t look at our past, we’re doomed to repeat it. Just a thought. Love your communication skills. You’ve a knack for writing.


  3. May you be encouraged daily and may the Hand of God be revealed in the plan of your life. May you also be blessed with God’s favor, grace and mercy as God keeps you hidden in Him, and also covered in His Blood.


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