Everyday is mothers day -by Leslie Harris

In admiration of the beautiful specimen god has ever created, women..if you combed the ends of the earth, you would never find a love greater than that of a mother…The duty and responsibility of a mother is a never endin job.Unlike any other job in the world, a mother has a 24/7,365 days a year task.THere fore,it is time we start protectin our mother,appreciating our mother and realize that in spite of our shortcomings, the love of our mother has and will never change..She is a gift that only comes once in a lifetime,so never take her for granted,because you never no what you missin intell its gone…Most improtantly she is virtuous, and so beautiful..So to all your mothers I love yall and everyday is mothers day…God bless yall

Leslie Harris
DOC #599747


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  1. You have some good things to say! Good for you on getting started writing.

    Just a suggestion: You might want to take an English literature class, or a composition class so you can express yourself even better. I would recommend you read the Ann McCaffrey Dragons of Pern series. I think you’d enjoy those!

    I look forward to your next post!


  2. This is so true. May you be encouraged daily and may the Hand of God be revealed in the plan of your life. May you also be blessed with God’s favor, grace and mercy as God keeps you hidden in Him, and also covered in His Blood. May no weapon that is formed against you ever be able to prosper. Every assignment of the enemy that is sent to destroy your life be canceled, reversed and sent back to the sender where you will not feel the effects of any of any of it in any shape, form or fashion. Be blessed and keep trusting God. Always remember that when you take the time to see God in everything, you will not miss God in anything.


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