Davin Wallace

“God’s Power & Purpose” by Davin Wallace

When we submit to the Holy Spirit’s revealing and look at things from the internal of the Kingdom of God we can then see life & people including ourselves from God’s supernatural spiritual perspective & see our life in the blessfulness it was created. The storms, trials, tribulations, test, attacks, persecution etc are all for the good of God’s children. For all things work together for our good, for those who love the Lord. And, Nothing created to come against us shall prosper. I declare that I have been anointed by God my Father thru God the Holy Spirit. So I declare I operate in & under the supernatural power of the anointing of God’s own glory. I recently applied the foundation & principle that I need to stand on & walk in that I may experience God’s divine glory manifest in every aspects of my life, specifically in the areas that I seek God to intervene in. As most of my FAM & friends know, I not to long ago accepted that my natural abilities was at a defeat concerning my legal matters & that by joyful faith in my God, I laid & left this matter at His alter & throne & went on my way to focus on truly seeking the Kingdom/Jesus Christ & focusing on walking in the increasingly intimacy of my relationship w/God (the Father, Son & Holy Spirit). Now I know Holy Spirit led me to walk in this manner just as I know He led me to minister lately about walking in love & forgiveness. On Friday the 13th my day started off great because of the fact I woke up with God on my mind, heart & lips. After getting to work I was excited to share what was in my spirit & it was so fitting that I got to share this with a correctional officer. We “got it in” thru fellowship to the point she begin to cry from emotions & for a second she wanted to hold back until we discussed how precious our tears are to God that in the Bible David let us know that God bottles our tears. He takes joy in that kind of intimacy & cry for help. Anyway I was amped now, so I went looking for someone else to share the message of love & Forgiveness to & sure enough I was led to a officer & one to be that admitted & accepted that the message was for them. I went back to my building not yet fully receiving that the message was truly for me too. When I got back in the bldg. Holy Spirit wasted no time leading me to my cell partner. Now me & my celly don’t have no visible problem, but we don’t talk normally, so from the outside people may think we have an issue. So I pulled him to the side & asked was he alright & have I done anything to offend him while also letting him know he hasn’t done nothing that would bother me, then out of the blue I told him I love him & my life is now to love all. He received what I was saying & expressed his peace & appreciation for the few times we prayed together. Instantly it felt like something was pleasantly lifted from me. From that moment I knew love & forgiveness possess a power in & over our lives waiting to manifest according to its & our purpose. Later that night I received two separate papers from the Commonwealth of Virginia. One concerning my Habeas Corpus petition which indicated it was filed & the opposers had 45 days to respond why my Habeas shouldn’t be granted. Second paper I received was that a clemency was miraculously filed on my behalf to the governor by who I dont personally know but I believe is an angel sent by God. Its evident that many of us is anointed & others see it, I see it on my brothers & sisters & know it for myself. But often many don’t walk in the anointing so God can do the supernatural thru & for us. If u been waiting on God, wake up & get what u been desiring because He has always been waiting on u/us.
Kydada I appreciate u & forever thankful for u, so please never think different. And I’ll always love u & be there for u in yo corner as u have always been & as I know u will continue to be.

Davin L Wallace
DOC #1101851


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