Leslie Harris

A Broken Heart-by Leslie Harris

I wasnt told that I would basically be dead to the world on the streets…I wasnt told about them not sendin me any money,letters,pictures.I wasnt told that my homies would be out there nailin my woman as she began to turn her back on me ,along with the great possibility that the rest of my family would turn their backs on me as well…I wasnt told that i would be lonely,searchin for a sense of direction that i ultimately couldnt find nowhere else but within myself.I wasnt told i could lose my life in a blind of a eye.We eat like savages and are controlled like children..We are told when to eat,when and where to sleep,when to go outside as wll as when to speak..All these control issues can easily ruin a man.If you dont have the mental strenght to be strong and turn all negative into positive you will lose it..I had to take the time to look inside of my soul to find out who i am as a person,and not the image of the man i made for myself.Jail is hell on earth.Life is better then this.Im am amazin man now and i woldnt of never made it without god…

Leslie Harris
DOC #599747


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