Euguene Cumberbatch

(Lxander tha gr8) by Euguene Onell Cumberbatch

I am at the point in my life I realize every thing I thought mattered really didn’t but things I thought didn’t matter really did.It takes for us to experience certain experiences to determine our outlook on life.Some people succumb to there circumstances, others choose to search for answers acknowledging,we are not a product of our circumstance but we are a product of our mind frame.When we don’t stay true to our essence, we will inevitably fall short on our journey for greatness.I know because I fell victim to it my self,instead of wallowing in self pity,I always empower myself an others who want to teach and learn because as a man we become to preoccupied with being too macho to admitt he doesn’t know everything or has all the answers to everything all the time everyday all day πŸ™‚ I was told by a friend there are 3types of people in this life your skunk,your possum, your coffee bean..The skunk type has no vision or any insight what so ever but always wants to tell you how your life sucks (blowing shit out their ass)Your possums are the type to act courageous but in the face of a challenge or adversity (they play dead instead of embracing the lesson or the challenge) Then you have your coffee bean no matter the circumstance no matter how hard no matter how difficult no matter if anyone believes you will make it out your situation(hot water)the coffee bean doesn’t change he changes the environment around him πŸ™‚ Peace as always $$f ($tay $ucka free)LX #Life Xperience. LeCi.

Euguene Cumberbatch
DOC #574927

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