Ibn Shakoor

Introducing Ibn Shakoor

Hey everybody out there! my name is Ibn Shakoor …..I’m 49 years old ,from Youngstown ,Ohio ……and I’m currently doing time in prison . I been incarcerated for 23 years on a 33to life sentence for murder . with the way Ohio laws are I’m looking to be going to the parole board soon .
I’m a really well-rounded person down to earth very sociable . looking to express myself and have interesting conversations with new people . I have a lot of topics to speak on and share my views on them and also listen to someone who may view something I see differently ……and show me something different ….I love to learn other people !
my contact info is:

2240 Hubbard rd.
Youngstown, Ohio 44505
or if it easier contact me thru Jpay.com
my inmate info is Ibn Shakoor #274-638
Best Wishes to all and take care !

Ibn Shakoor
DOC #274-638

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