Ibn Shakoor

anybody sentenced before1996 no second chance of life. Mr.Ibn akmal Shakoor

how is it that Ohio has (3) different laws and Ohio still have inmates under the old law that is eligible for parole and yes there are old law inmates that got lock up before 1996 after S.B.2 came into law and now all these new laws to help them new inmates to get out of the system faster and to leave the old law inmates to die in prison with no second chance to get home to our family but the one that always come up in the news is the worst-of-worst now yes there is inmates in prison for murder and rape so why do we have parole dates and have our time in with no out side cases with 20or30 years in and still can’t make a parole,now Ohio prison system and there reform laws need to be look at by someone federal because it’s a system that needs to be looked at .If the parole board is not looked at by higher-ups it’s highly possible we old law inmates will die in prison . us old law inmates are doing the time we were given by the judge . but when it comes to the parole board for our second chance the parole board keep coming up with small things to hold us forever !? if the board wasn”t going to do there job the right way then what’s the reason for the board !? There is a REAL injustice to Ohio reform system for prisoners and some serious questions need to be asked !

Ibn Akmal Shakoor
DOC #274-638

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