Jason Phillips

The In & Outs by Jason Phillips

Being in prison is hard on a lot of people physically and mentally but the mental part is the hardest to deal with when it comes to the expectations of those who you viewed as “family” or “friend”.As you go through the years you come to meet a lot of new people while those who once claimed they “love” you seem to disappear.Some remain the same while some come and go like the seasons and we call them the “In & Outs.One minute they’re here then the next minute they’re gone for whatever reason,much like the bunkie you just got last night who just can’t seem to get it right,went out on the yard and got into a fight,now he’s in the hole and can’t see the light.(a little rhyme if you don’t mind:-) Anyway,it hurts the most when your own relatives abandon you or when that “special” person you thought would be your ride or die decides that she just can’t stick by your side when you need her the most.See she thought the grass was greener on the other side til that minute of pleasure walked way from her now she wants to come back to you but you’re no backup plan so what do you do?No one likes an In & Out so if you’re in,stay in,if you’re out just stay out no hard feelings just a mutual understanding and that’s all we ask for.Feel free to hit me up and let me know what your opinion is about that type of situation and if you can relate cuz it’s not only a prison problem it’s an outside problem too.

Jason Phillips
DOC #564-570


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