Johnny Simmons

Introducing Johnny Simmons

Hello, My name is Johnny Ray Simmons, & I’m 48 yrs. old blk. male. I’m from a very small town in central La. call Mansura. I’ve been incarcerated 13yrs. 2mon. I have 22 mon. left on my sentence. I enjoy reading, writting poetry, & communicating w/positive minded people. There’s not too much a person could do behind these walls. If one doesn’t stay busy, & spend their time wisely, they could very much end up self destruct. I wrote this speech a few wks. ago. It’s entitled “One Nation Under” By: Johnny R. Simmons#00309632. Institutional pollution offering an allusion to the truth. That our actions are a complete disgrace, and contidiction to the things we desire, and the peace we say we strive for. The hurt and afflicitions that were afflicted upon the victims; Why? Because they think, talk, or look differently than we do? Travon Martin, may he rest in peace, was gunned down because he was a black kid, wearing a black hoodie, in a white neighborhood. One Nation Under… Alton Sterlin, Mike Brown and many other unarmed black brothers across the nation were also gunned down by those who are suppose to serve and protect! Why? because they were black!! Generation of past present and future are plauged by genocide, while celebrations of joyous ocassion are being halted by homicide. We are govern by a government that promotes world peace by acting in violence. It caused me to fall back and ask myself the question… Are we so focus on the wars overseas, that we continue to ignore the war that’s on our street? We need to do more than having a brief protest. Surely black lives matters more than that. President Trump claims that he desires to make America great again, I beg the differ, because he has put forth little effort and emotions to try to demote the issues of prejudice and racims. Every since his arrival, the nation has become a weapon of mass destruction. While having money for health care and emergency relief being spent on mass weapon production. If he was really serious about making Amercia great, he would stop caterorizing, sub-carterorizing, nit-picking, and pointing fingers at others.And realize despite a persons nationality,ethnicty, and color—we’re all sisters and brothers. We as a nation need to rise together as one make make a stand for the killing to stop. If we contine to ignore the this matter, this nation will go under. If anyone wishes to communicate w/me could do so by contacting me Johnny R. Simmons#00309632 through or at R.L.C.C. Hope B-1 1630 prison road Cottonport, La. 71327.

Johnny Simmons
DOC #00309632


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