Barnell Johnson

Introducing Barnell Johnson

Hi my name is Barnell Johnson #498987 I’m 33 yrs old caramel complexion male. My earlest release date is 2021 full term is 2026.. Hi thankyou for reading my blog! I am looking to build a foundation with someone that possess a beautiful personality. Race doesn’t matter, I’ve dated just about all.. I got a beautiful personality thats “unforgettable” after we meet! My sense of humor is so jolly and unexplainable. I will say if I was on stage with Kevin Hart, I would steal the spot light! I am a peoples person my energy is positive, you can feel it from afar. I’m very open-minded and I enjoy conversations on all levels. My understanding is at its all time high, and I am not the judgemental type. If you been hurt and need someone to listen to or confide in “try me” I been there and I know to respect your healing process. If you like set up the Jpay account and give them my imfo # and send me a pic and an email………………

Barnell Johnson
DOC #498987

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