Max McBride

by Max Mcbride

Part 1
Who our we

Why do we kill eachother
When we need to heal eachother
Who our we
Most of us are sick living a fake life
Letting the weak part of are minds
Play us like a tape
Rewinding us then fast fowarding us
Setting us back into the dark ages
So we kill eachother for satisfaction
Least that’s what are minds make us
Our minds love pleasure
Good or bad
Who our we
Can we be honest
Can we really not tell a lie
the whole day
Its impossible
Who our we
Do we really need drugs to take our pain
away are can we just build our confidence up, to succeed in life
By all means necessary
I think we can, I know we can
So really who our we
We are phenomenon agents ,created
by God

Our World

I cry for our world and us
What are we gone to do
Everybody is evil plotting every step of the way to get ahead
And we destroying our earth and not giving back to it so its fighting back
just like the same way we do when we feel taking advantage of
Well most of us fight back
but you get my point
So what is the solution to our problems
Can we heal ourselves and the earth
Yes I know we can but who’s willing to do

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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