Carlos Piper

(SETBACKS) by Carlos Piper

we have setbacks, the hegative side of a setback is resignation BUT a posittive side of a setback is retreat a setback in definition is a hendrance,obstical or a delayy but itd NOT A STOP SIGN its important to know that setbacks CANT stop us BUT they can cause us to resign,retreat or stop OURSELVES if we quit or risign we give up on our forward progress and abandon whhat weve accomplished and leave it undone i try to eradicate the words cant and quit from my vocabulary cause NOTHING BEATS FAILURE LIKE A TRY a positive try of a setback is retreat: a militaryy tactic that that repositions or changes your location in order to reform ranks, recognize battle strategy or change the method of defence to confuse the enemy causing the confused enemy to attack where u WHERE and NOT WHERE YOU ARE AT! retreating IN NOT quiting its a step back to reset,reorganize, and refocus. it gives us the time and oppertunity to evaluate and change the approach to our objective and try again YOU CANT QUIT! focus on how to best deal with ya setback after all GOD WILL SOMETIME GIVE US A SETBACK TO A SETUP FOR A MAJOR COMEBACK remember that….

DOC #680422-D


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