Donald Parker

something to Think about: by Donald Parker

if you are interested in communicating with me please write me Donald Parker # 1021083 at ST. Brides Correctional Center P.O. Box 16482 Chesapeake, Va 23328 time without purpose is the quicksand of many lost opportunities A Man without purpose, is A Man without A Vision. A Man without A Vision walks AIMLESSLY without A Direction in Mind . A Man without Direction doesn’t Respect the time in which God has Granted him in which to live .” “time is not a friend for those who can not escape the past or spend countless hours worrying about the future. live in the moment.” “time keeps on ticking , with or without your approval.” wait, does the united states have 1.4 million or more than 2 million people in prison ? are most people in state and federal prison locked up for drug offenses? frustrating questions like these abound because our systems of confinement are so fragmented and controlled by various entities . there is a lot of interesting and valuable research out there , but varying definitions make it hard for both people new to criminal justice and for experienced policy wonks to get the big picture this information offers some much needed clarity by piecing together this country’s disparate system of confinement. the American criminal justice system holds more than 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 942 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,283 local jails, and 79 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons in the U.S territories and we go deeper to provide further detail on why convicted and not convicted people are locked up in local jails we as people of the world need to pull together to change things with this gun violence and the mistreatment in prisons for all the Men out there around these young kids stand up help these kids all they need is some guidance don’t give up on the youth they are the future they won’t change if nobody don’t show them how to change help them to see a better way we got to start some where if we as people of the world want things to change be a help to making a change I am using this to reach out to those that are willing to support me on this let’s stand together as strong Men with that said I leave you with this to think about as well STOP BEING AFRAID OF WHAT COULD GO WRONG AND THINK OF WHAT COULD GO RIGHT!!!

Donald Parker
DOC #1021083


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