Anthony Waters

poetry: POLISHED TURD by Anthony L.Waters

I know everything that u fiegn to be,
you left me for dead homie u abandoned me,
I thought you was a Gee until them guns sparked,
you left blazing in my glory in the cold dark,
but what’s a homie when your homie is a ghost at heart,
when I looked you in your eyes I seen u fail apart.

Tears we shed,
I thought the fail from the eyes of a real thug,
now u can picture me with a smile with this mean mug.

true homies don’t hesitate when it’s time to buss,
middle finger up to the world cause I don’t know who to trust.

my own partner clipped my wings and watched me fall from the sky,
when them bullets fly,
he couldn’t benefit from the truth so he wanted me to die,
because this whole time he was living a lie.

yet I rose from the mud like Tyler Perry,
felt alone in this world it was kinda scary,
I’ll never let another person hinder me,
cause I saw my best friend turn into my enemy.

I gave him an option and he still lied me,
the same dude gave me polish he abolished me,
momma told me some of my friends they ain’t as strong as me,
I should have listen..

hoimes turn on each other like u never believe
but I would never turn my back on them like they did me,
hell,I would never talk down on a Gee,
when I needed u the most they wasn’t there for me.

Guns raising,
he left me for dead,
I don’t even remember dude bussing his heat,
but I remember them Jordan’s he had on his feet,
and what they sounded like hitting the concrete,
running down the street.

It was summer but I got cold when I got wet,
I realized dude I called my homie,
was the second,ninth,twentieth,third and the eighth letter of the alphabet.

the realist words I ever heard,,
you can polish up a piece of shit but its still a turd…

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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