Benita Ochoa

Today was a blessing By Benita Ochoa

Today I had a visit for the first time in eight long years and IT WAS AMAZING! I was so nervous at first, you know, waiting up until today and then walking in and looking over to my left and there was this wonderful person my sister brought into my life. She is so sweet and fun and deep and passionate about animals and family values and her loving husband and the thing that touched me the most. The one thing she shared with me about the hummingbird… she knows. It touched my heart. All of it. Everything we talked about. Everything we laughed about. And everything we cried about. She is going to be my friend for a very very long time and I thank God and my sister for placing such an angel in my life. I cannot wait to see my awesome friend again! Hopefully hubby can come too.
#Thank God for wonderful people.

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  1. This just brought tears of happiness to my eyes. I love you dear friend. Thank you for being you and sharing so much of your life with me. You are an amazing person and I’m grateful you are in our lives. Can’t wait to see you again.


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