Evan Cole

Introducing Evan A. Cole

My Name is: Evan A. Cole
AKAS Trick , Nasty, Awesome or Blaze
ID# 1470049
release date: Dec 10, 2018
Age: 28
DOB :June 17, 1990
Location: Greensville Correctional Center
Located: Jared , Virginia
Contact Info: Jpay 1470049 Evan Cole
Media sites: Facebook (Trick Oneman)

A little about myself: I’m incarcerated for a probation violation for the charge of Gang Recruitment. I was locked up February 17, 2017 was sentenced to 2 and 1/2 years with credit time for prior time served. I’m looking forward to being released this December . I’ve spent most of my life in the system. I would love to voice my opinion and daily trails and troubles, me and others like me face. From gangs to drugs to correction officers having sex. I’m one of he very rear offenders who is involved with every and anything as long as it ain’t gay. I’m the average gang banger who’s not some I’ve changed my whole life and Jesus has saved me from the fires of hell. I look forward to going home n finding love, spending time with family. well I’m a Gemini From Williamsburg, Va I grew up in Ga . I did a 6 year stent in the Ga Doc system a lot different from Va. Well that’s a little about myself so my next message will be to start my blogging . Thank You for this opportunity. have a blessed day Suzie . plz let me know if I did this right .
sincerely E.Cole AKA Trick

Evan A. Cole
DOC #1470049

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  1. You changed your whole life and Jesus saved you from hell? Nice trick. Jesus saved me from hell precisely because I could NOT change my life. I was completely unable to become a better person on my own. He had to do it for me.


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