Donald Parker


effective leadship is needed in every aspect of our lives. the world is well supplied with people who wish to dominate other . leadship does not mean domination. A true leader displays different characteristics. effective leader inspires others and holds high the torch light of wisdom. in every significant event in history you will find a courageous and determined leader, an inspiring goal or objective, and an adversary who sought to spoil his efforts. Good leadship inspires mutual cooperation and determined incorporates varying groups into one functioning body which work towards a common goal
Charactisics of Effective leadership: effective leadership displays outstanding individual skill, creativity, sensibility, initiative, insight, and energy. effective leadership comes from leaders who raise the standards by which they judge themselves and by which they are willing to be judged . Self – development, skill, devotion, knowledge, and a love for high quality are essential to effective leadership. effective leadership is dependable. to be dependable is to be willing to accept responsibilities and to carry out obligations faithfully. effective leadership is always willing to accept counsel from his or her people, but is not afraid to act on what his or her own mind tells him or her is right . effective leadership is secure in devoting critical though and attention to the well being of those under his or her influence and the perfection of his or her task, rather than to be constantly worried about making mistakes. effective leadership must posses initiative which is the creative ability to make personal sacrifices, and to sometimes forego the demands of sleep.
Measuring Effective Leadership: in speaking of leadership, we reach the inescapable conclusion that the art of leadership consists of the ability to make people want to work for or adhere to one’s leadership when they are really under no obligation to do so. effective leadership inspires, guides, kindles interest, teaches, aids, and corrects. effective leadership creates a sense of mutual effort for attaining goal or objectives. effective leadership demands that it’s leaders train themselves out of any fear of making mistakes. effective leaders must pay the price for self – discipline and moral restraint . effective leaders must submit to a stricter self- discipline and develop a more exemplary moral character than is expected of others. this includes the corrective improvement of personal character, the checking of passions and desires, and an exemplary control of one’s bodily needs and drives. effective leadership renders prompt and willing service to others, keeps one’s imagination vividly alive so as to originate ideas and start trends, and maintains a balance between emotional drive and sound thinking. although effective leaders sometime appear as excessive in their efforts, the true leader comes to realization that unless a person undertakes more than he or she can possibly do, he or she will never be able to do all he or she is capable of doing.

so with that said we as Men should lead our youth in the right direction they need us to guide them let’s stand together and help lead these young men in the right way if not they will be a dollar sign to the prison system if you just sit back and look at things the youth are not being able to reproduce they are losing their life to the prison system that is all about money our youth are the future of this world we need to stop being afraid of them and help them they will listen but somebody got to start somewhere I am standing up as a man from this day forward I will be the start of saving our youth from destroying their life so I am calling for all the men that is not afraid let’s stand together and help lead our youth on impact: let no man imagine that he has no influence whoever he may be and where ever he may be place the man who thinks become a light and a power.

Donald Parker
DOC #1021083


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