Change, by John Seay

CHANGE, some people can and other’s simple will not. It can go either way, some for better and some for worse. Really, it all comes down to a personal decision.
Unfortunately, I’ve already experienced my worst, and over the years I’ve worked to correct those flaws I once had. I know everyone isn’t going to accept me for who I’ve become, but thats fine cause it’s not about anyone else, its about me.
One thing is for sure, change is something that will be consistent throughout life. The goal is to adjust to life as it changes, to make decisions and choices that are best for self. I’ve learned it’s OK to change, cause I did not like the person I was at 22-23 years old. I cannot change what I’ve done in my past, but I’m also not going to let my past dictate who I am today.
Took me a long time, about ten years into my incarceration to fully grasp the reality of all the harm my actions caused. My actions affected many people directly and indirectly. My goal now is to help others avoid the road I chose to travel.
For those who wish to judge me for my past actions, I respect your opinions but try getting to know me today versus who you read about or knew years ago. Not looking to argue with anyone just wish to acknowledge my past wrong doings and hopefully help others avoid my mistakes in life. God knows I’ve made plenty of them, but I’ve also learned from them.
Hopefully, one day soon I’ll be able to experience another change, returning to society and being a productive member within the community. After 14 years of incarceration I’ve learned I want a family more than anything else in this world. I’ve had money, cars, houses, done drugs, etc.. but after some soul searching, I realize all I’ve ever really wanted was a family of my own. None of that other stuff made me happy or fulfilled that void inside. Now that I know Jesus Christ, that void has been filled but I’m missing one part, a family! God willing I will get the opportunity to start a family and do it the right way, the way God intended for his creation.
Change will always be a part of life, it’s how we choose to deal with and handle those changes that will determine the type of life we live and the person we are. Thanks for your time and I welcome your comments. Stay positive and try to help someone in need today. The world can be better if each of us do our own little part each day. God Bless to all.

John Lewis Seay
DOC #1186157

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  1. If God can forgive all of us for our sins,then we should be able to forgive and get a second chance and teach people through someone else’s mistakes.We are all human and we ALL make mistakes.


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