Travis Tucker

(Do Black lives really matter!!!) By Travis Tucker (aka: Alpha Omega Allah)

My mind wonders what it would really be like to be free,I’ve been incarcerated my whole life…My father was incarcerated, My mother was incarcerated…Yeah,the true imprisonment was the mental conditioning of the child the idea’s/images I received.It all started with the wrong foods I was being feed,since the tender age of (3) I was feed greasy foods beef product’s/animals pork product’s,junk foods etc.Black lives never mattered…I was being conditioned to not think for myself by being force fed fairy tales and history that wasn’t mines…I was essentially stripped of my cultural identity and it was replaced with that of a negro the Latin word for negro is nekro meaning caucus…To denote a dead race,a people without a history is blind,death,and dumb to there own power with no identity as to how they exist in this current condition.Our kids can’t tap into there true potential of being God’s, King’s, Pharaoh’s, civilized people to say the least…when we pass on our 46 chromosomes to the child the history of the world is being passed on we are the world!!!Our actions move the cosmos for everything revolves around us…Nothing or no thing can exist before the thought,therefore at the center of existence is you/thought,if one can be conditioned one can be unconditioned by rejecting the poison,the poison is the culture that promotes slavery,disunity, hate which create a unbalance in our households and strip’s the child of a normal life,they use the term mass incarceration to cover up what is really taking place,modern day slavery kid’s are catching robbery charge’s getting sentenced by old out of touch racist judges that don’t give a damn about black lives but maintaining a system that ensure the growth in development of white power as did Lincoln I onced asked my cell partner when did he learn about the Islamic world,He stated when he came to Richmond Virginia in was shocked and outraged he’s from florida and is 34 year’s old do you think this is by accident or design???…If we don’t wake up now and start advocating black unity our own educational history that start where all life developed,our children will continue to fall victim to this ugly monster who’s rightful name is the devil…..The love always over powers the hate,the love has to be the passion the burning passion of the culture that moves us to make our community aware of these injustices and tyrant government…I see brother’s dieing around me everyday due to cancer that’s caused by these processed meats that the v.d.o.c serves it’s prisoners on daily basis,brother’s are developing all sorts of health problems…And there only option to avoid these dangerous meats is beans for lunch and dinner… I was given over twenty years for one gun that I allegedly possed which I ended up with a 40 year term at the age 21 this was my first violent offense as an adult 40 years is two life sentence’s…But don’t feel sorry for me there’s thousands more that have and will make mistake but who is qualified to judge them other than there own peers or people who can identify with there struggle, these judges has no sense of understanding with some of these trouble youth’s experience, I witnessed poverty beyond measure, no light’s, no running water,urinating on feces etc…I hustled drug’s out a sense of desperation to provide for my lil sister’s and brother’s… at 12 there wasn’t many opportunities!!! And we are born into these conditions and it seems natural until you gain knowledge of self….This is dedicated to those who decide to make a difference when we come together anything is possible our communities should be outraged of what is taking place under the sun!!!A new Rome….free Lamar ealey,Tabari Latson….Peace to man,women and child!

Travis tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center
P.O Box 488
burkeville,via 23922

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