Rayshaud Green

Introducing Rayshaud Green

to whom-ever may encounter this presentation,by the time you read it I pray it not only find you in perfect peace in all areas of life,but also have a open mind as I grant you access to the “kingdom of my mind” through my literature…
My name is Rayshaud Green,I am a 28 year old “king” and I’ve been incarcerated since 10\19\08 and as of now my release date is 5\14\51,but I am currently inn the process of relinquishing the post sentence.
I’m one that been through alot of adversity and made many mistakes,but I do not allow that to define who I am.Through my literature I am a “spiritual individual” with a beautiful understanding.Intellectual,and very creative,and open-minded;while at the same time stand very firm in the things that I believe in.You will find that I am very up-lifting and aware of life with God given insight.I also wil speak about my stuggles and how I used them to sur-mount over every barrier that ever hold me bound.
In closing I want you all to stay tune and if you have any questions feel free to ask.Thank You!


Rayshaud Green

DOC #539690

j pay.com


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