Jonathan Keith

My Lost By Jonathan keith

I just got off the phone with my oldest brother Thursday morning.He told me that I just woke him up and he told me how he was ready to start his day.Never did he nor I imagine that this would be our last conversation for ever.Thursday 6-15-2018 my brother was gunned down in cold blood while on his way to the store to get whatever he was going to buy.He stopped to have a brief conversation with some childhood friends and somebody pulled up and started shooting.Five males were shot ,yet only my brother was the only one who didn’t make it:(
I just lost my 17yr old brother 6-23-2012 to somebody gunnin him down right in front of my mother eyes.When my brother was laid to rest it was on my other brother Eric birthday 7-31-2012.Now a few years later my oldest brother funeral is the same date as the day that my other brother was killed.
I quit,I give up on the street life thing.I got too many responsibilities to stand up on.I have to take care my brother 5 kids he left Behind as he would. After all I am my brothers keeper.
I’m ready to give my life to god and try to live right,so I could be there to provide for his kids.What do you think,is it that god is trying to show me a sign to just slow own.
Are my expectation too high? I so confused right now.I just need some understanding, I need strength.I am gonna live my life fr god and give my life to god and take care of all the kids cuz they need me.Thank u
god for givin me another chance to make things right with family and friends I appreciate love and miss u.


Jonathan Keith

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  1. You are trying very hard with little formal education and doing a good job of trying when there is no one there likely to help you with learning what you missed out on in the first place. The main thing is to keep trying to educate yourself by whatever means you can. An education will help you more than anything. A friend just told me that a lot of the schools are now letting people attend for free, and perhaps you can find one that will let you attend via correspondence for free. I wish you much luck with this. You can do it.


  2. Yes sometimes god makes us go through things to be able to truly understand and change. Im so sorry for your loss. The answer is god. Give your heart to god and really mean it. Im praying for you.


  3. Can’t believe the heartache you are going through. Now is not the time to make sense out of any of this. Slow down and call out to God. He is there. Close as the air you are breathing. Trust that He will give you what you need. Proverbs 3:5-6 is a good verse to pray through at this time….

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