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Leftover Salmon By Matthew Epperson

Did anyone else listen to E-town radio show Saturday night? It was AWESOME! Leftover Salmon played their new album which is every retro with a galactic sound. Good jazzy swing with a hint rockabillie. Their older stuff had more of a bluegrass appeal, which I’m an enormous fan of, but their newer stuff was enlightening. They are scheduled to be at Floydfest in VA the end of July. How I envy the persons going there. If you are going, check out Foster the People, Gov’t Mule, Jason Isbell, and Lords of Heron. (Plus many, many others) And take plenty of pictures for your truly!

Speaking of which, has anyone seen any good music lately? Heard any new songs that they’d like to share? I know you’re out there people. I know you readers are a crowd of music affitionados and not spelling critics. Because if you were, you would have left me a long time ago. Remember people, listen to E-town radio show and listen for the election of Suzie Jennings for the Achievement Award. Call in, email, or even snail-mail your request to have her nominated for the award so that we can spread the word about what she is doing and what kind of talent is behind these fences. I hope you all share the love of music, literature, and art like I do, and you take the time to tell your friends and family about nominating Suzie Jennings for the Achievement Award.

Go see something live!
Vote for Suzie! (Work With Me People!)

Matthew Epperson
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