Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Let me out

Let me out please, my family need me
My brother need me he losing his mind
Talking about he waiting for me to come home, I got 7yrs left
Mama stress out and confessed not knowing how to deal with either one of us
two grown men that his caused her nothing but pain since day one I rarely
remember a time we made her happy
We was more focus on the street life
While she slaved at work for us
But she find her best friend in the process
and I hate him,his name is alcohol and
he his a brother I also hate ,name nicotine
and they keep her from the stress of
her everyday struggles in life
I wish she would stop but she’s happy with them
Lord please help us
And let me out please
I have to save my family

Part 2
Feel my pain

Feel my pain, I feel ashamed
I left my family alone in a corrupted society
The streets got me 23 yrs, No I got me 23
I was the man of the house
Daddy left, when I was younger
I can’t remember the age, I was when it
happen but it still affects me till this day
But I forgave him because as I got older
god gave the strength to forgave him
and also my mom and brother forgave him
by the grace of god
1998 I got shot and Mama didn’t even know till later on that night and I wasn’t even the one to tell her
Feel my pain,7yrs left and my whole family can’t be trusted, everybody separated hating on eachother daily
16 yrs ago when I was free everybody loved eachother
I ask myself all the time what happen
then I realized my generation is caugth up in the hype ,social media and the worthless material things ,nobody’s thinking about there future
its not only my family so I pray for all
we have to think outside the box and fix
these problems are we are doomed
Feel my pain I haven’t had a female in my life for 2 yrs because my last relationship made me not wanna love a female again while,I’m in prison
feel my pain ,I need a female in my life
but now it seem like I set my standards to high like I’m already free
Feel my pain I gotta stay in reality
So please somebody anybody,come into
my life and help save me
I have a lot to offer so let’s explore the world together with no more pain

Part 3

I have visions of been apart of the elite
When iam free
I’ve dedicated my life to learning there ways,while I’ve been incarcerated
So one part of my mind is telling me
to go for it while another part is telling me its too much you don’t have the heart
to make cruel decisions to get ahead
Then while all that was going through
my head
I had a talk with god and he told me you
are going to be the super elite and I will
give you everything you need to succeed
long as you do what’s right
So I asked him father god what is right
and he told me putting people in better
positions with proper guidance and giving all you can to the needy
After that conversation I found my soul
and I’m thinking outside the box everyday to create better ways for us
to rise up wealthy and stay there its not as hard as it seems if you put your mind
to it you can do anything
Like they always said when we was growing up, the mind is a terrible thing
to waste and that is a fact ,so take heed!

Max MCbride

DOC #A466-513

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