Anthony Waters

poetry: Ny’uanna by ANTHONY L.WATERS

I know sometimes daddy make u wonder,
but understand u is my relief that keep me from going under.

You taught me to leave the hard time behind us,
focus on our dreams & goals and allow the past to stay there to remind us.

there’s only a few people in this world that we can trust,
with the love that will never fade or rust.

u is a humble goddess that is so modest,
I dreamed of grabbing your hand and taken a bow,
while kissing it to erase away all the pain and memories that was foul,
we made it through the bad times and I don’t know how,
but as I sit back and ponder I’m like wow…

it’s said one step can be a journey to a thousand miles,
so many tribulations thats gone make u left up your brows,
yet u never let your dad walk away with out a smile.

matter of fact when I was younger I didn’t know how to act,
you had no father in the house yet u chose to pick up my slack,
now that I am grown I wish I was God so I can repay u back,
and wipe away all the tears through out the years that caused u fears.

my daughter u taught me if I can laugh the pain away,
I can suffer through a minus just to see a plus another day.

Please don’t fight me,just love me,
because u is my Goddess of victory,my Nike.

I changed my mental no it was not simple,
just got tired of beating my head to the same old temple,
your love for your dad is impeccable,
me losing u and staying the same is impossible.

I am so sad,
because nothing hurts more than missing some one u love,
more than your child,mother or dad.

I can agree finally,
death is a tragic but what’s really a tragedy is what dies inside of man while he is still alive..

many days I felt like giving up but because of Ny’uanna,Jr. and Ya’laun I kelpt my strive,
y’all was thee only ones who help kelpt my dreams alive.

so Ny’uanna
my true love,my daughter and best friend and all that is in between.

my life is nothing without u,
u is who made me into something,
because of your love and understanding with a look that is so demanding..

I’m changing!!!! I LOVE U NY’UANNA

peace to the true and living

Anthony L. Waters
DOC #720-786


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