Jeremy Burchett

Letting go by Jeremy Burchett

I have one longtime friend that thru my entire incarceration has not left my side, she has been married twice thru my ten year multiple incarceration and this year divorced her second husband for multiple reasons, one of them is me but not the main reason, he was a male version of her, so she seen it being a loss, why can’t she see that she does the same things as him
I have known her sense I was 12, so that makes it 16 years give or take, I don’t know anybody else from that far into my childhood, I love this woman, but I can’t help keep pushing her away because of her downfalls, she’s extremely lazy and cannot keep a job more than a few months for attendance issues, she has major health problems including a heart attack two years ago and has no education, I’m not putting her down these are just the facts, I have tried every way possible to talk to her about some of the things that she should be doing not only for her but her daughter as well and in doing so it will benefit our relationship, I’ve tried letting things slide and seeing If she picks up things but I don’t see the progress, its always she is doing things at her pace and will get done on her time.
I only have a few years left till I can go home but the longer I drag this relationship out the more guilt I have because I don’t see this relationship going anywhere because she is just simply lazy and honestly the way she takes care of herself I don’t see her living a full life, but the loyalty she has givin me throughout these last ten years keeps me from just letting go…………I love her IDK if I would say in love, but can it be justified to leave somebody behind if its clear they will not carry themself
this has happens to a lot of my friendship and relationships in the last few years. I simply cut the ties because I do not see it being a beneficial relationship in the futer, there’s only so much motivation and support that can be given, now at the same time I can understand some of the people I have known that have did the same to me because I have been in prison multiple times and just see me as a lost cause, hell if I looked at myself from someone else’s view I would probably maybe do the same, I have many good qualities but what I want to know is if a person is not a total loss does the bad out way the good to a point of moving on???

Jeremy Burchett
DOC #718949


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