Max McBride

by Max MCBride

Part 3
Social Media

What is the world coming to
No more privacy,people lost in space
The internet,took over the world
Everybody wanna be somebody
But don’t wanna work hard to earn
There keep
People lost in the streets, losing there
Fo a couple dollars
Instead of thinking about
there future
Most of us don’t reach a piece
of greatness
Because of are distorted thinking
Damn social media
Killing the world,can we take it back!

Part 4
She’s My Everything

Her eyes are like the sun
Cause they shine
Her skin is like the moon
Cause it glows
Her personality is like four seasons
Cause it possesses many things
Good and Bad
Her love is like a flood
Cause she drowns you with it
Oh ,how I love her
She’s my everything

Part 5
My Family

My TV is my family
Mother,Brother and Father
While I’m lock up,in this cell
My Jp5 player is my Wife
We make passionate love
my cell is my kids
Because I take care of it
like my kids
To all my prisoners,lock up
Male or Female
Going through,what I’m going through
never give up
Long as you love ya self
And believe in GOD
You will win in the long run

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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