“The Highlight” (by: Mr. Simmons, T.)

From sun up to sun up and to hell when it goes down,
And I mean that literally cause I use to feel hell bound.
See luck is what happens when your actions turn face,
For every action comes reaction, consequently that’s the case.
So don’t blame ill-luck for the bad that you’ve been through,
You put out bad Karma, so bad karma came back to you.
And it didn’t take long for my ass to relate,
Settle down, focus in and wash the bad from my plate.
For now its all clean as I try to be a better me,
But I’ve still got a few crumbs and a little bit of debris;
Scattered out here and there, which doesn’t make any sense,
To late for complaining now, cause that’s how I was rolling then.
Now I’ve got a new ride, I’ll play the cards that are dealt to me,
Be cautious of my buy ins and strategize more carefully.
And if all else fails and I have nothing left to give,
You can take it how you want, I’m a get down how I live.

Troy Simmons
DOC #A405559

Categories: poems, Troy Simmons

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