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NAME: Sincere Born Allah #1131459

July 1, 1995 marks the day Virginia implemented the incentivized “Truth in Sentencing Act” and will forever live in infamy for every person unfortunate enough to end up on the wrong side of Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice. For son this day adversely effects more than others in ways that are irreparable. Also the damage done not just to the individual that finds themselves entangled in the system, but also to those families and communities suffering the collateral consequences directly associated with this kind of strictly punitive social justice system aimed at retribution rather than reform is proving to now be inherited by the following generations. This document and its intent is in no way an attempt to defend or justify the criminal element we know and understand exists in our society and must be dealt with accordingly, nor is it meant to be insensitive to the lives of the victims of any criminal activity or the families. The purpose of this document is to raise public awareness to Virginia’s contributions to the ever growing epidemic of mass incarceration and the warehousing of our nations most valuable resource; its people. What is the cost to those who are not on the wrong side of this current type of criminal justice system, but foot the billion dollar annual tab for it ? The answer is you become complicit and just as culpable as you are financially irresponsible. Hopefully the following content will not be taken out of context and will be carefully considered and objectively weighed against all other viable options and solutions in order to come up with one that is right and just for those directly and indirectly affected. Allowing a person to earn a second chance at life after paying their penance to society for their transgressions is exactly what former Governor elect Terry McAuliffe spoke on in his final State address. There are many more effective and efficient ways to achieve the desired result of the Department of Criminal Justice such as the various A.T.I. (Alternative To Incarceration) programs and J.R.I. (Justice Reinvestment Initiative) strategies already being implemented successfully in other states. Unfortunately the obvious desire is NOT about the rehabilitation, reformation and growth of the individuals that enter the Virginia system, instead its more about the investors and shareholders of the private corporations that make millions off the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration. The public safety issue that has consistently been raised by politicians and lobbyists with financial agendas has been statistically proven to be a misrepresentation of the facts. The so called deterrent effect that exorbitant sentencing is said to supposedly have on people is yet to be substantiated by any independent study or agency neither has the Truth in Sentencing connection to any decline in crime rates. Contrary to “opinions” held by the aforementioned politicians there was an already very steep decline in violent crimes and crimes committed against other people long before Virginia abolished parole and adopted “Truth in Sentencing” in 1995. According to the public outcry there isn’t a call for more prisons or more incarceration and longer sentences but there is a call for change and top to bottom Criminal Justice Reform. What was thought to work and be in the best interest of the public at the time in (1995) has so far been proven to do more harm than good . However it can be fixed beginning with legislation specifically geared towards ending this trend if mass incarceration and correcting the mindset that people who commit a crime violent or nonviolent are irredeemable. It is extremely important that the content of this document be read objectively because there is no way a person can be reasonably expected to exact positive change when the “emotion” of the actual criminal element still persists. Over the past 23 years there has been no shortage of the understandable public emotional debate about prison reform and restoration of parole eligibility especially when it comes to violent offenses. Unfortunately however there has been little to no consideration to apply logic and reason to this issue as a result of being outweighed by emotion and essentially causing more problems. Again I would like to emphasize my earlier statement about the intention of this document, it is not meant to be insensitive to the lives of the victims of any criminal activity or the families. The overall goal is to show that there are redeemable souls being warehoused and wasted in prisons all across this great nation that grow more hopeless as they grow older and creates a generation of millions of Americans that will be more of a future burden on society than a present asset the longer nothing gets done.. (Part 2 coming soon)

Sincere Born Allah #1131459
Buckingham Correctional Center
P.O.Box 430
Dillwyn,VA. 23936

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  1. Please contact me…6015282905. Im working to change this law. My email is down but try it if you wish. Charlottenealey@gmail


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