Ahmad Wiley

Introducing Ahmad Wiley

Ahmad Wiley#712173 jan,8,1996 release date earliest 2023 Im incarcerated for accindental homicide im 22 of age im very funny but know how and when to be serious i love to go out and just enjoy family time no kids when i ws home i worked as sercuity officer which requierd me to wear suit and tie attire im 6 feet tall dark thick hair i love basketball im covered with tattoos all over my body but my face because i dont believe in face tattoos my religon is islam im currently a muslim because i feel as everyone must submit to the 1 and only creator but im very open minded i do want kids and im looking for anything actually friend wise or even more im staright love women i love a strong smart woman who have goals and trying to accomplish things in life who besides this 1 time ive never been incarcerated i regret my actions which was a mistake but i have been incarcerated for 4 years i have a facebook page by the name of Ahmad wiley and a instagram page at rest6chino which you can see photos of me my crime is on the internet iso you can read i dont like liars i feel as long as you be honest we can atleast have friendship which to me is the first and most important part of a relationship im hoping for a response i can be emailed at jpay #00712173

Ahmad Wiley
DOC #00712173

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