Anthony Waters

poetry: I PROMISE by Anthony L.Waters

I promise
to always keep my word,
hold u down through what ever,
baby better or worst,
I put my feelings aside,
and put loyalty first,
protecting your life and mines,
it’s our love to the dirt,
and if you die before me,
I promise I got your kids,
I won’t sleep until I conquered,
whatever that got u killed,
I rather do life in jail while I whisper your name,
I’ll throw my entire life away,
so your love will remain.

I promise
to started together,
and end together,
I know I’m not captain America,
but I’ll shield you with my love,
through the stormiest wheather,
there’s nothing I won’t do,
you made my dreams come true,
so with all my heart and soul,
I make this vow/slash promise to you..

I promise
every day I wake up,
I won’t push u away I’ll always hold close,
because u give me the only thing that’s stronger then fear,
and that’s hope..

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786


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