Introducing Steve Walshaw

Hello,my name is Steve Walshaw i am 56 and was in trouble in 2001, i made an unplanned mistake, was offered a 35 year to life plea deal if i pleaded guilty to 1st degree, it wasn,t so i rejected the plea and took a jury trial.They found me guilty of 1st degree murder and sentenced me to a 600 year life sentence without the possibility of parole. I have no release date,just hoping the laws will change so that i have a chance of not dying in an american prison.I am from England and came over to race automobiles.My contact info is Steve Walshaw Offender number 1048006. NCC po box 488 burkville VA 23922

Steve Walshaw
DOC #1048006

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  1. Hi Steve, sorry to hear of your circumstances. I was in the same school year and remember you and your brother Frank. I also recognise some of the names above. Take care and I hope the system changes so you can get to be with your family and friends again.


  2. Hi Steve I was in the same year at school as you at Millfield, you probably won’t remember me from school, Just to say I heard about your prison sentence, so sorry and thinking of you and here if you need a friend


  3. This is just awful this man still in prison ,I’d never heard of this story till yesterday ,somehow he needs to get back to his family ok he did wrong ,but we don’t no the circumstances but surly he has suffered enough now as well as losing his loved one this is just a very sad story


  4. Hiyaa Steve so sorry to hear about your situation mate… one of the nicer kids in school something like this should never have happened to a nice lad like you.. i wish you well hope your ok.. if there is anything an old school friend can do just ask mate…just know people here are thinking about you and wish you well ❤


  5. Hi Steve. Really feel for you matey its a ridiculous sentence . Have your family tried to get the English goverment involved with your case. Email me Steve and i will look into it to see if we can get anything done.
    Still remember our days out after the bike crash with you doing all the peddling on the old tandem bike lol.
    Stay safe Steve and hope to hear from you soon mr friend


  6. Hi Steve , sorry to hear of your long sentence , if you need anything or just a chat drop me a message , Andy Leece


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