Michael Sims

Introducing Michael Sims

My name is Michael Sims, I’m a 43 year young black male from Marrero La. I am currently incarcerated at Raymond laborde Correctional Center. I have been incarcerated since 7/25/97. My earliest releast date is 4/14/20. I’m opened-minded, not to friendly (for reasons), but very conversational and straightforward. I am also very optimistic and analytical. And yes, I have been throught a multitude of struggles in life. But none that I allowed to stop me from miving forward. Although my current situation my have me physically stagnant, I have always refused to let anything stagnate me mentally. That is why I made the decision in the very begining of my sentence, that I was not going to step out of prison with the same mental attitude I stepped into it with. With that mentality, I choose to turn all of my mishaps into expedient learning experiences to help me move forward. So I began to expand my mind by obtaining all erudition available to me since being here. In doing so, I have obtained my G.E.D. along with many other certifications. I am now in Wiley College about to achieve my associates degree in business management. I have written three books, not publish yet, due to not having the outside support needed to get it done. But I am finally on my way to being a free man again, so I guess getting published is something I could do myself once I am out, right? Well this is my introduction into your site. I will be coming soon with my stories.

Michael Sims #330476
R.L.C.C. Cajun-3 D-1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327

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