Marcus Ganzie

Introducing Marcus Ganzie

My name is Marcus Ganzie #1041258 ( . Im about to be 42 on 9/30 and I’ve been locked up for 24yrs. in VA D.O.C. I am expecting to make parole in the next 2 yrs…
These are my blunt opinions that are meant to inspire thought. They’re ugly sometimes and uncomfortable but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
I’m not a specialist in any particular field except “REAL”…
Some of my essays/blogs are not thoroughly in depth, because they speak for themselves on the face!!!
You should wanna do your own research and never make a habit of taking ANYTHING on face value!
One of the things that has inspired me to write is how there are metaphorically so many “pink elephants” in the room and everybody acts like they don’t see them!!!
That’s what I’m addressing and I hope there are some people feeling me out there…
Thank you for your time and this vehicle!!!

Marcus Ganzie
DOC #1041258


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