Jonathan Keith

Introducing Jonathan Keith

I am a young man with an old soul.I consider myself to be very easy going and often times optimistic. So I would like to meet a friend who can complement that energy. Someone with a great sense of humor,and loves laughter.
I am a provider, and also I love to help others. I believe in life that nothing is impossible. I’ve overcome a great deal of adversity, because if things hadn’t happend the way they did I wouldn’t be who I am today.I try not to let the past hold me back from my future that god has planned for me.
Even though I am incarcerated, I still focus on my vision,making my challenges temporary yet my vision permanent. Nothing disturbs the trials of the present like the expectations of the future. The best way to predict the future is to create one.
I wold like to meet a friend who is understanding and has great communication skills.Someone who can respect my honesty no matter the topic or situation.I’d like to meet someone who has a positive outlook on life and spontaneous. I have a vast array of interest from listening to music playing chess,basketball, and photography. If u would like to reach me u can do so @WWW.Jpay. com. And click on register. You’ll have to register with my inmate number #680-952 or by US mail Po box 56,Lebanon.Ohio 45036

Jonathan A Keith #680952
Release date10-4-2019
Contact @WWW.Jpay. com Jonathan A Keith #680952
Or through US mail
P.O.Box 57 Lebanon Ohio 45036


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