Donald Parker

Introducing Donald Parker

A voice from Prisoners:by Donald Parker # 1021083 I am forty one years old my release date is 1/22/2019 my favorite color is red I like swimming,traveling, camping,fishing, and enjoy listening to all kinds of music I have two beautiful daughters ages 22 & 12 if you want to communicate with me setup a jpay account with jpay .com so I can read your comments if you are interested in seeing how I look go on my Facebook at I am interested in communicating and conversating with woman of all racies I am a single man looking for a real friendship with a nice woman that can help me share my message to the world and to the young generation prison is not a place you want to come to so to all the young generation stop the violence put down the guns and use your mind think about your mother think about your family life is so much greater than using guns to solve your problems please take time to Think before you act so with that said I hope this message reach the deepest part of your mind and soul now I just want to be the voice of those prisoners that don’t know how to speak out this is for the world to know we as prisoners go through more than what people think we are being mistreated I understand prison is for people who break the law but where does it say treat us like we aren’t humans prisoners in here are really going crazy these officers stress prisoners out and they are very disrespectful toward us they abuse their authority they sexually harass prisoners
in here some prisoners fight back but it don’t help cause the administration will go along with the officer’s and have that prisoner transferred to a higher level prison it’s very difficult in here the food they serve is not good sometimes we might get spoil food they serve us anything and serve the officers all the good food they have poor medical treatment in here prisoners are dieing in here from not getting the proper medical treatment some prisoners are losing a foot or toes and leg’s from poor medical treatment for Diabetes as prisoners we survive the best way we know how to in here it’s harder than what people think so if you know or have a family member in prison please understand them cause it’s not easy being in prison I know people need to stop breaking the law but that don’t mean throw them in prison and treat them like they ain’t human as for jobs and working in here they under pay prisoners they allow prisoners to work for 27c for 16 hours or 35c for 20 hours and the highest 45c for 30 hours all these pays is for a months pay now if you add that up that’s not much and on top of that they take out child support court costs and fines some prisoners are left with $5 to live off of for a month so if you have or know somebody in prison understand when they call home for money they really need it and it don’t make it no better when some of those prisoners don’t have no family support from nobody it’s difficult to try to get the things we need like Toothpaste, deodorant, soap,and etc. with all that said alot of prisoners trust in God to provide for them other ones sell Drugs or steal from other prisoners in here this type of lifestyle got to change prisoners need support from the outside to help them change and make it in here in prison it’s like it’s another world in here well outside of those situation prison do have some good things they have alot of programs to help you out in society programs like Thinking for A change / this program help you to think before you act in different situation Matrix Intensive Substance Abuse program/ Ready to work/ it help you learn about employment you can get your ServSafe certification/ Resource of successful living/ this program teach you how to be successful basically all these programs are design to help prisoners in society my point to the world support your family members in prison help stop the mistreatment in prisons it’s alot of prisoners in here has change their life around these men deserve a second chance we as prisoners are Men,husbands, fathers, sons, nephews, cousins, and friends people don’t understand prisoners need mental support and financial support to help them through those years so for those of you that have a family member in prison visit them write them accept their phone calls and most of all please listen to them cause they are really going through a thuff time I end this message to the world with this say something!!! do something!!! stop the mistreatment!!! in prisons all over the world this is the Man I have became
Man of God Confession: I am a Man whose purpose is to glorify God; therefore, I choose to manage all my affairs with honesty and integrity . Because honesty and integrity please God, it position me for God’s best in life. I am a Man of vision and faith; therefore, I boldly pursue God’s best without compromise. when the spirit of God convicts me of my faults and shortcomings, I choose to submit to the word and overcome every challenge by faith . I live life so that other may know the faithfulness of my God through my lifestyle. I choose to act responsibly in all situations . I owe it to my Lord who save me; I owe it to my family who depends on me, I owe it to my church who instructs me in righteousness; I owe it to my generation who needs my example; I owe it to myself because I am a Man !!! once again I say say something!!!! do something!!!! stop the mistreatment in prisons don’t let this message stop here share it with family and friends the world got to hear the voices of prisoners they are Men, husbands, fathers, sons,nephews, cousins, and friends and they all have feelings and a heart I understand how everybody want to stop gun violence in our community but what about the mistreatment on prisoners in prison which is being covered up and not spoken about say something!!! do something!!! let’s stop mistreatment in prison the voice of the prisoners in our prisons.

God Bless you!

Donald Parker
DOC #1021083


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  1. This really moved me- society can be judged by how it treats its sick, is prisoners, its elderly. I’m ashamed to live in a country which treats prisoners as less than human.


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