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Interestingly, the witness whose car that I had struck described me as being shirtless when I left.
I didn’t find out until later on that Velvie had initially told the dispatchers that Mike had attempted suicide. Then she told detectives that Mike and I tusseled over the knife and that it accidently “fell” into his chest. It wasn’t until the third interview with detectives that she told them about the PTSD from witnessing his buddies “being blown up in a helicopter crash” and that after he became distraught concerning that he put me in a “military-style” chokehold to the point that the color of my face had changed dramatically.
When I was arrested hours later at a friend’s house, I was charged with malicious wounding. Although Mike survived, he suffered a “rebleed” two weeks later and entered into a permanent vegetative state. The malicious wounding was dropped in favor of aggravated malicious wounding, which carries a much stiffer penalty – 20 years to life.
However, six months later I was also indicted for two counts of assault & battery over some incidents that supposedly happened at the pool. In addition to that, I was also indicted at the same time for hit & run and reckless driving.
Unfortunately on January 15th, 2011, Mike passed away from complications of the wound. As a result, I was indicted for second-degree murder along with an additional count of assault & battery.
In an attempt to show Mike’s state of mind and show my apprehension for my safety, my lawyers subpeoned the Veteran Affairs hospital. The records indicated that although Mike did not have PTSD, he claimed to of from witnessing his buddies “being blown up in a helicopter crash.” In addition to that, the records also indicated that he needed to be restrained on several occasions. However, the judge ruled that these records were inadmissible because they only reflected Mike’s state of mind when he experienced alcohol withdrawal.
As far as the alleged assaults go. Tammy claimed that I picked up her daughter Avery and mentioned putting her in the pool before I put her down. She further claimed that I backed her up against the fence aggressively until Velvie showed up. After that she claims she left the pool immediately and about ten to twenty minutes later she heard “the siren” [for the ambulance].
Kris on the other hand, admitted that I made some lewd comments about Tammy, which I don’t deny. My comment was, “do you think you could hit that?” According to Kris, she directed me to leave the pool and I responded by pushing her to the ground. This supposedly occurred five to ten minutes before the ambulance showed up. The funny thing is she admitted that she didn’t see “the event” with Tammy. What’s so interesting about that is Tammy claimed that she left at the pool immediately after our encounter, but if you look at Kris’s testimony Tammy is referenced as still being at the pool. In other words, if she had left then how was I able to ask Kris if she could hit that? Bear in mind that this conversation supposedly occurred after the run in with Tammy.
Velvie testified that I did in fact speak to Tammy and yes I had made that comment to Kris, which she answered “yes.” Other than that, there was no drama as those two described according to her.
Interestingly, the witness whose car I accidentally struck, testified that he was at the pool when I hit his car. According to him, he didn’t see “anything unusual” while he was at the pool because quite frankly nothing happened as those two witnesses claimed. Please bear in mind, I wasn’t indicted for these alleged assaults until 6 and 10 months after they supposedly occurred.
It is noteworthy to point out that the police conducted a partial examination of my cellphone. In fact they only inspected 194 megabytes out of 4 gigabytes of data. Keep in mind the calls I made to Mike’s phone that day. In which case, I tried to get the courts to conduct a more thorough examination of the device (after I was convicted) in an effort to recover my location data stored on the device. For this, I will need the assistance of an experienced attorney. That’s only way to prove those witnesses lied, and get back into court
Also, if you’ll recall, I mentioned earlier that the witness who car that I struck said that I had left shirtless. It is interesting to point out that the police made a diagram of my apartment. In addition to showing that there was a large pool of blood right outside the entrance to the kitchen, there also was three distinct items on the floor of the apartment that were soaked in blood – a large white tank top, a 2x gray tank top, and a yellow towel. In other words, if I had deliberate malice in mind, then why did I attempt to render first aid?

In the end, I was tried by a jury and convicted of aggravated malicious wounding and second-degree murder as well as three counts of assault & battery – all of which I pled not guilty to. I did however plead guilty to hit & run and reckless driving. As a result, on November 8, 2011, the judge imposed the following sentence that he based on the jury’s recommendation. 25 years for aggravated malicious wounding, 15 years for second-degree murder, and 4 months each for each assault & battery conviction. As to hit & run and reckless driving that I pled guilty to, the judge imposed an additional 30 days for each conviction and further ordered that all my convictions be ran consecutively without suspending any of my sentences.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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