Devaughn Mcqueen

(Relationship) by Devaughn McQueen

what is a relationship now days I do not think people no at all or is it just me I think to my self but I no it can not be me because I give a woman ever thing she want in a relationship so is it that the woman I was thinking was for me was not the one all this time or do I just do better as friends with woman this is some of the things I ask my self but you no they say put your life in gods hands and he will make ever thing work in do times.and befor I go I just want to no what make a man or woman go out and have a relationship out side the one they in and then when you find out they tell you that they love you and care about you it is no why you could love me or care for me because if you did you would not of disrespect me the way you did. all I can say is that god no best have a blessed day.

Devaughn McQueen
DOC #443-443

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  1. Devaughn, I think you know why people cheat. It’s the same reason people make poor choices in any situation.

    Love is only what we say it is, and that is different for each person. Love is not a concrete, defined thing. It is only what a person believes it is. True love, the love of God, is not usually the love shared between people. God’s love is perfect. Man’s love is less than God’s, because man believes he is less than God.

    Love yourself truly, and you will love others truly, and you will find that you cannot be hurt by those who mistake love for something small. You will find that you feel compassion for those people and not confusion or upset. You will draw to yourself those who can accept and share your true love.

    It’s all about you sir. And that’s great news right? You don’t have to rely on anyone by yourself, and you’re taken care of by God, so you don’t have to worry at all. Let go. It will all be ok. Trust. Be well.

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