Work With Me People! by Matthew Epperson

A friend of mine from the outside informed me that my blog was doing fairly well. A woman by the name of Tara Lynn left some very encouraging comments on my May 20th blog. She, much like myself, agrees that daily journaling is a beautiful way to releive stress and/or depression. Tara, I hope that the struggles you have encountered have made you a strong and refined gem. And I thank you for sharing your past strifes as a means to uplift others.

Now, with that being said, lets talk about another strong and selfless woman. Suzie Jennings. Everyone that reads this, Im calling on for your help. Yes, you! Not the next person, not tomorrow, but right this minute. I am nominating Suzie Jennings for the Achievement Award on a NPR affiliated show called E-town. I love this broadcast and I love the music that they play and what they represent. I’ll be sending a snail mail nomination to P.O. Box 9540 Boulder, Co 80306. All of you should do the same, or sense you have the internet to find the website, visit their page to vote for Suzie. I am informing all of my friends, family, blog readers, and even inmates. We need strength in our nomination, and that only comes from unity. This wonderful person, Suzie, has given us inmates a voice and a platform. There are aspiring artists, chefs, musicians, authors, and countless others that are beyond blessed to have on their side and I think that it is nothing shy of due to Suzie for her selflessness. She has supplied the fundamental tools for the incarcerated, so let us return the favor for giving her the notoriety that she deserves! Let’s bring light to her selfless creation and give our thanks by nominating her for the Achievement Award.

Go see something live!


Submit nominations here:

(To find the e-Town station in your area:

Questions? Email me at or email Suzie at

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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  1. The website required a ton of info for the nomination. Would love to do it but I only know her name. If someone will post the rest of the info I’d nominate.

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  2. It is true. I am not a writer but one day, two years ago, I started to write a short story about a little boy who grew up with out his dad. As I started to write it down, it felt as if my heart was coming out and being poured on the paper, I started to feel like is was therapeutic, and it was. The more I kept writing and going over my short story the less tears I had because I started to heal. So keep writing.

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