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I first met Mike when I was relaxing at the pool at the apartment complex where we both resided. He had came up and introduced himself. That’s when he told me that he didn’t know anyone else who had lived there and that he was hoping to get acquainted with some of his neighbors. Eventually the conversation turned to an offer to have a beer at his place and although it was early afternoon, I accepted his offer. One beer turned into several before it was time to pick up my girlfriend at 3:30 pm from her workplace down the street, in which Mike joined me. In fact, we even took his car – which I drove us there.
Before we picked up Velvie, things seemed normal, but as soon as we picked her up his demeanor changed, especially when Velvie drove his car back to his apartment. At first I didn’t think much about it. I simply chalked it up to him being intoxicated since he was drinking cranberry juice and vodka along with the beer. Once we arrived back there, things got stranger. That’s when he went from wanting to be called Mike to Larry and even Brian. As my cell records indicated, I saved his name in my contacts as Brian. Further, Mike insisted that Velvie procure hydrocodone, which are prescription pills known as “Loratabs.” As her text message indicated, she did make an initial effort to purchase those pills for him, however eventually she abandoned that pursuit. That’s when Velvie and I left him alone in his apartment and went to our apartment.
We hadn’t been in our apartment for more than two minutes when Mike walked into our apartment like he owned the place. I wasn’t too happy that he had just walked into our apartment unannounced and I even told him so. That’s when he became distraught and claimed that he didn’t have any friends. He further went on to state that he suffered from PTSD from witnessing his “buddies being blown up in a helicopter crash.” Ultimately, we let him stay because we felt sorry for him. However, Velvie suggested that the three of us go to the pool together.
That’s when things got strange again. Mike claimed that we had stolen not only his phone, but also his car keys as well. As my cellular records indicated, I made three distinct calls from 4:13pm – 4:14pm in an effort to locate his phone. In which case, we discovered his phone in his car and his car keys on the kitchen table in his apartment. It is also noteworthy to point out that while we were in his apartment the second time, Mike had changed into a tank top in an effort to match me before we finally went to the pool.
It was here that I had met a woman named Tammy along with her daughter. The fact of the matter was, I was actually trying to introduce her to Mike. Being the jealous person that Velvie was, she didn’t like the fact that I was talking to another woman. Of course it didn’t help matters none that I had made some lewd comments shortly after that about Tammy to a lady named Kris that Velvie and I knew. This made Velvie even more upset, so Velvie, Mike, and I left the pool and returned to our apartment.
That’s when Mike “lost” his phone again. As my cellular records indicated, I called his phone again, this time twice at 4:57pm – 4:58pm. That’s about the time the party supplies shifted from Mike’s house to mine. In addition to that, there had been an ongoing discussion throughout the day for the three of us to take a trip to go gambling at a casino in West Virginia that Velvie and I frequented. The idea was to teach Mike how to gamble since he had shown us what turned out to be $10,000 in cash the first time we were at his apartment.
We never made it West Virginia. Out of the blue, he had another “episode” of PTSD where he reiterated his claim of witnessing his “buddies being blown up in a helicopter crash.” That’s when things went crazy after I tried sharing some of my experiences with him. He responded by throwing me to the ground and placing me in chokehold. Then he proceeded to scream that he “would kill me” I was on the verge of losing consciousness. That’s when Velvie intervened and began pushing on him and screamed at him to “stop!” That distraction allowed me to get out of his grasp. Although I was pretty disorientated at this point, my instinct was to retreat in the opposite direction. Being that my apartment was small I was near the entrance to my kitchen. That’s when I heard Velvie scream out, “Watch out David” and when I looked back I saw Mike advancing towards me. It was at that moment that I grabbed a steak knife from the knife block from the counter and swung, piercing Mike’s chest. The blow was so devastating that it took the fight out of Mike. Realizing he was injured badly, I took my shirt off in an effort to stop the flow of blood, but it didn’t stop. I even grabbed Mike’s tank top and pressed that to the wound too. I even used a towel, but nothing would stop the bleeding. That’s when Velvie suggested that not only would she call 911, but also that I should leave so I wouldn’t get in trouble. Foolishly, I listened. I took her car and accidently backed it into another car as I left and sped out the parking lot.

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  1. Seems like that could have been self defense. I put myself in your shoes, if he was running up on me, I would have wrestled/fought him and not go for the knife, although that was probably your first instinct and I do not blame you seeing that you were also trying to protect your wife. This guy had ptsd because of the war so he may have well been thinking to killing you and if he had, who knows what he would have done to your wife. You should have gotten a few years for involuntary manslaughter, your sentence was too harsh and not justified.


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