Anthony Waters

poetry: HARD GRIND by Anthony L.Waters

the reason why I go in and go harder,
because everyday I wake up,
I wake up to hustle for my nieces,nephews,sons & daughters,
I pray Allah keep my children out the hands of the slaughter,
yeah,,my guilty conscience got me drinking the bottle,
stressing because I refuse to be a man like my weak ass father,
because he didn’t want to bother when I was toddler.

as I got older my summer days got colder,
so I started popping glocks like I open up sodas,
no father I felt like a dieing solider.

locked down in a cage filled with rage talking hard bars,
as a child I use to imagine I can sling rock to mars,
my imagination grew and my dreams came true now I’m slanging these bricks to the stars.

I’m exercising my mind because the polish come be for the shine,
this is just a couple of lines to remind u,
if u stay on the grind the world can be yours,
like its mines.

life can be hard,
I was scarred so I got to stay on my guard,

I seen a lot when I was young,
I was just having fun,
yet I learned I can’t bar none,
I’m a giant and my heart weigh a ton,
the reason everyday I wake up,
is because Allah want me to go hard,
so we can shine bright like the sun.
this not the ending this is where it all begun.

I’m fighting back and not with a gun,
the reason is,
I only love a few because they are the only ones that feel like I have won..

peace to the true and living..

DOC #720-786


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  1. I only have a couple questions for you. Have you forgiven you dad? And no disrespect but has Allah given you a new heart to forgive your dad? I ask this because I’d like you to know that Jesus had removed my heart of stone and given me a heart of flesh. Now I am able to forgive my dad for everything he had done and didn’t do while he was here.

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